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Symbolism and modernism

Hotel Maritza is probably the most iconic hotel in the city of Plovdiv. Its unique location, right on the banks of the Maritsa River and close to the International Fair and the Center makes it attractive both for business tourism and a starting point for visiting the most remarkable places in the city. Hotel Maritza is constantly being renovated to acquire its current appearance in one of the most modern buildings in Plovdiv. The new wing of the Maritza Hotel is to be opened and the city will have a new Marfin Polyfunctional Center. It will consist of a 17 storey completely new building with two conference centers, an underground parking, a shopping center, a sports center, a spa, a gym, offices and a hotel part.

The new multifunctional center will combine unique architecture, interior design and luxurious relaxation and business conditions.

From the designers of the building

Description of the hotel

In the lobby of the hotel you will be welcomed by the friendly reception staff and the cozy lobby bar. In the hotel lobby there is a shopping area with shops and a hairdressing salon. The hotel offers two magnificent restaurants, one of which is panoramic and located on the top floor of the hotel. It offers a magnificent view of the city of Seven Hills.

Accommodation takes place in double rooms and apartments. All of them are luxuriously furnished and offer their guests all the facilities for a complete stay.

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